vanity_ruins (vanity_ruins) wrote,

Love and butterflies are good things

To anyone who still happens to read this..just wanted to let you all know I'm moving today to be "reunited with my sweetheart", as Chris says. :)
Wont have internet for some time, not sure how long. Hopefully not very.

Anyway, just some links to whore myself out some more before I go.. is my stuff there. is the mag im working for thats launching Monday last I heard. The site looks like shit right now, and all the material on it will be scrapped (thankfully). Hopefully a friend or two will be joining me there..

Oh and I uploaded a few new songs or whatever on I think the new one is kinda pretty. All the songs are shitty or whatever I know, but I dont care. You understand it or you dont.

Finally, theres a bunch of pictures at if you havent seen them yet...they should work for anyone, but maybe only for people on my msn list.

Anyway so yes, love you all, talk to you in awhile. Until then..much love for me and you and...lots and lots of video games.

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